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Last week I read the obituary of the recently deceased designer Milton Glaser. He most famously drew the NY logo. I stared at the picture of a napkin on which Glasier cribbed the original logo in the back of the yellow cab in Chinatown, and wondered about all of the components that make up New York. Why do I NY? What makes the heart of New York and what is there to love about it. Is it the buildings that scrape the sky? Or is it the sleep deprived dreamers who peep into shop windows, restaurants, offices or apartment blocks thinking that one day, maybe tomorrow, they will buy this, eat here, or work or live there? Or is it the busy life that goes on beneath our feet that we pretend not to notice and yet can’t avoid. The heart of New York is always pulsating, sending blood through its streets and avenues. That blood is carried along as much by the rats as it is by the postmen, tourists or pigeons; they are all part of the urban color palette that makes up New York.

I love NY RAT. 2020. Bull point pen on paper. 9inch x 16inch. $250 (1).jpg

I ❤️ RAT. 


Bull point pen on paper.

9inch x 16inch.

J'ai rien vu. 2021. 32inch x 62inch. pen on paper. $650 (1).jpg

J'ai rien vu 


32inch x 62inch.

Pen on paper.

man and dog. 2021. pen and ink on paper. 9inch x 12 inch. £ 200 (1).jpg



Pen and ink on paper.

9inch x 12 inch.

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