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About Anastasia


Anastasia holds an MAScot from the University of Edinburgh in History and Russian studies and an MFA from the New York Academy of Art, where she majored in Drawing and Printmaking. 

Over the past decade, Anastasia has participated in exhibitions and auctions in London, Paris, and New York. 

                                                 Artist statement. 

Once, long ago, I asked a taxi driver to tell me the worst thing about his job. I expected him to complain about the long hours or mechanical problems. Waiting to stop at a red light before answering, he said, ’The worst thing about my job is that I never hear the end of the story. People enter my taxi halfway through their conversation and leave without finishing it.’ I often think about that taxi driver and how the fragments of a story inspire me the most. I want my work to feel open-ended, like a snapshot of a much bigger tale, a springboard for one’s imagination to go on an unexpected ride.

I am half French and half Russian and live in New York City. I was educated in the UK and the US. Geography affects my work because different places generate narratives that drive my process. If I get stuck while creating a piece, I go for a walk and wait for the crowded street to give me the answer. I love living in New York City because of its diversity. Being in NYC makes me feel like I am living in many different countries simultaneously.

Drawing with a pen on paper, to the exclusion of other mediums, began as a matter of practicality. As a child of divorced parents who lived in separate countries and sent me to a school in a third, I lived much of my early life in a suitcase. I didn’t want to have an excuse not to make art just because I didn’t have the suitable paints or space to sculpt or paint. Drawing offered an answer. Because of my background in etching, I am trained to commit to every line I draw. If I make a mistake, I let it guide me, as in life, one can never go back and rub things out. All I need is a piece of paper and a pen, and I am away! 

I start each drawing by inventing a story. Long or short or even incomplete, I must have a narrative. Then, I draw the image and consider what textures and patterns I will use for each section. Once I feel that my composition has a compelling flow, I switch on an audiobook or podcast and try not to interfere with the instinctive movements of my hand. I know the drawing is working when I lose track of all time.

In my artwork, I want to convey how universally bizarre the world is. Humor is also an essential part of my practice. If people are laughing, they are much more likely to go down a visual journey that would make the viewer see the world through my eyes.

What inspires me?
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